June: Kids Wind Down, Moms Wind Up

Sigh. Remember that feeling of final exams being over, another school year coming to a close, and what seemed an endless summer opening up? For the life of me, I can’t. My kids love this time of year, and I love it for them. But awhile ago I realized June is not a winding-down time of the year for moms. It’s one big to-do list, and some years the June list is long.

When my kids were little, there seemed to be an end-of-the-year celebration involving parents a few times a week every June. Field Day. Concerts. Picnics. All good fun, and I wouldn’t have missed them, but they sure make getting a full day’s work done a challenge.

This year, I’ve got an 8th grader graduating, so there are many events and parties. Add them to my list of summer camp sign-ups, babysitter schedules, and trip planning. I love that their schedule changes shape, slows, and shifts to a more fun, relaxing rhythm for them. But I’m really just trading one schedule for another—one that often makes getting through my work week a new kind of challenge.

That said, sure as peonies and roses bloom in June, I know that in two months I’ll be lamenting the end of another summer, and the start of another school year that moves my summer-loving kids closer to adulthood.

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